engineer serendipity

For Founders throughout the years, one thing has stayed the same: Success is not built on pure luck. It comes from having a clear goal and then intentionally building networks and relationships to help realise it. This is why Territory3 exists.

We create an impact in an ever-evolving business landscape
Like attracts like. And just like you, we’re ambitious about creating impact in an ever-evolving business landscape.

We recognise that the world looks a whole lot different now than it did when we started Kiwi Landing Pad back in 2010. And tomorrow, it’s going to look different again.

The Founder has evolved, too. Gone with the ‘old school tech entrepreneur’, today’s Founder is more progressive, more impact-conscious and more mindful.

Now, with Territory3, we’re reimagining how Founders are both represented and supported to reflect what our community needs as we embrace the future together.

By becoming part of Territory3, you’re taking a deliberate step toward success. Connect with other ambitious Founders, just like you, and start the journey with us today.
The story behind the name
Territory3 is about exploring land uncharted. Before, as Kiwi Landing Pad, we helped startups move into new markets in a much more traditional way: to grow physically and scale geographically.

In 2020, growth and scaling mean so much more than that. Which is why we are not helping you shift into a second territory, but a third. That ‘3’? It represents a new age of doing business. Business that is more personalised, more digital, and more sustainable.

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