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We are winding down (july 2023)

Kia ora T3 Community

It is with mixed emotions that I intro our LAST NEWSLETTER in this format.

Much has changed since we started our search for an office space to support the Kiwi founder “pilgrimage” to San Francisco/Silicon Valley over 12 years ago.

We’re proud to have supported such an amazing range of entrepreneurs in their global journey with our first residents Xero, Magritek, Datacom, Vend and Streamtime still thriving.

When we created Kiwi Landing Pad as a coworking space there were only a handful in the Bay Area, now there are hundreds.

James Reid was our founding manager on the ground followed by Catherine Robinson both doing an awesome job of supporting our residents and building profile and awareness of our mission 

Pivoting from desks to community building saw us focus much more in New Zealand preparing companies for landing under the leadership and curation of Sian Simpson. Much of what we regard as fundamental community building today was not even on the radar of most companies and I’m proud to have seenSian recognised as an expert and pioneer in this area in her own right.

When Covid wreaked havoc on our business and personal endeavours it also prompted a deep review of progress against our mission to support Kiwi founders going global with connections community and content.

Territory3 was not just a name change / brand refresh. We felt that we had to a third “level” as an organisation from co-working to community and thirdly as amore founder focused versus company centric organisation.

Under Casey Davies Bell and then Lilia Alexander’s leadership we developed new formats including founder speed networking using the beta of a platform which Casey now drives passionately as his own startup, Amplifier.

Lilia now leaves us to focus on her passion for tourism content creation and social media as a freelancer, which I’m sure will also be very successful.

So what next ? 

Personally I’m still committing a bunch of time to helping founders but on a more configured basis and launching a new sales training academy shortly for founders, Directors and Sales Managers - sing out if you want to hit the list for that one -

We’re working on a few ideas around keeping our content library of webinars live, as well as some other programmes with partners.

New Zealand has come far in the world of technology and innovation exporting but still has a long way - thanks to you all in our community for your work in driving this awesome kiwi vision and look forward to continue working towards Aotearoa awesomeness scaling on the global stage.

Noho ora mai / Stay Well
John Holt

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